Faith Community Nurse Organizations

Faith Community Nurses International

Faith Community Nurses International (FCNI) is the international professional membership organization for Parish Nurses, Faith Community Nurses, and faith-based nurses.  The vision of FCNI is to create a vibrant global network of Faith Community Nurses through advancing the nursing specialty, networking, research, education, and evidence-based practice (EBP). FCNI offers free access to the International Journal of Faith Community Nursing, an annual General Membership Meeting, committee involvement, Facebook, networking, a newsletter, online educational programs,  and resources.

Faith Community Nurse Network (FCNN) or the Faith Community Nurse Network of the Greater Twin Cities (FCNNTC) is a Minnesota based interfaith service organization founded in 2004. Their mission is to advance faith community nursing by providing a whole-person approach to individual and population health. They provide online Foundations of Faith Community Nursing courses and online continuing education symposiums and continuing education.

Health Ministry Association (HMA)

Health Ministry Association (HMA) is an organization supporting chaplains, clergy, faculty, faith community nurses, ministers, and program leaders who develop and provide health ministries in diverse faith communities. HMA was established on September 28th, 1989. HMA joined the American Nurses Association to develop and update Faith Community Nursing: Scope and standards of practice, which is now available in the third edition. HMA conducts an Annual Conference-please see their website for specific information.

Lutheran Faith Community Nurse Association (LFCNA)

Lutheran Faith Community Nurse Association (LFCNA) (previously known as ELPNA or the Evangelical Lutheran Parish Nurse Association) is an organization for Lutheran parish nurses or faith community nurses founded in 2004. They provide a newsletter, education, resources, and award scholarships for health ministry development or program development.

Spiritual Care Association (SCA)

Spiritual Care Association (SCA) is a multidisciplinary international professional membership organization supporting chaplains, clergy, faculty, faith community nurses, first responder chaplains, military chaplains, ministers, and nurses. Their mission is to support best-practice spiritual care and self-care through education, mentoring, and resources. They utilize evidence-based quality indicators, scope of practice, and a spiritual care knowledge base. The SCA is an affiliate of HealthCare Chaplaincy Network (HCCN), which was founded in 1961. The HCCN published evidence-based quality indicators in 2016, the year the SCA was developed. The indicators were revised in 2021, which are available for you at: https://www.spiritualcareassociation.org/docs/research/evidence_base/quality_indicators_document_1_7_2021.pdf. 

Nursing Division of the Spiritual Care Association (SCA)

Nursing Division of the Spiritual Care Association (SCA) supports nurses interested in learning and utilizing spiritual care practices. Their mission includes education, mentoring, and resources. Membership in the Professional -Nurse Membership provides membership in the Westberg Institute. The SCA Nursing Division is an accredited provider of nursing continuing professional development through the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). See: Nursing (spiritualcareassociation.org)

The Westberg Institute for Faith Community Nursing

The Westberg Institute for Faith Community Nursing is a component of the Nursing Division of the Spiritual Care Association (SCA). The Westberg Institute supports the FCN Knowledge Sharing Platform at: Welcome to Westberg Institute Community - Westberg Institute Community. They have developed and maintain the Foundations of Faith Community Nursing Curriculum and partner with FCN Educators to provide Foundations courses: see For Educators - Westberg Institute Community. They provide a list of upcoming events at: Upcoming events - Westberg Institute Community and host the International Westberg World Forum at: World Forum - Westberg Institute Community

Numerous resources are available for Faith Community Nurse practice. Our desire is to promote use of evidence-based resources to enhance evidence-based practice (EBP). Due to the expansion of knowledge available with the availability of the Internet this will be a continually growing list of resources. If you should have recommendations to facilitate the practice of other colleagues, please send your recommendations to Website Resources at: contact@fcninternational.org. We hope you find these pages beneficial! Thank you.

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