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Committee Opportunities

The work of FCNI is led by the vision of the Board based on current issues in health care, research, and evidence-based practice (EBP) with recommendations and insight from the members. The Board is structured to provide oversight by the President and Vice-President Elect for the working committees. The committees are chaired by a member of the Board, with the work of that committee being accomplished among the members of that committee. Please consider how you would like to promote faith community nursing and join the work of FCNI by emailing us at or directly contacting one of the Board Members or Committee Chairs. Committee work acknowledges the geographical distance between us with the use of technology to bring us together in person, telephone, computer, or mobile conferencing!

FCNI Committee Structure

In addition to the Board of Directors, Standing Committees manage specific tasks for the organization.  As per the Bylaws the Standing Committees are:

    • Education Committee - The Education Committee is responsible for supporting FCNI by providing continuing nursing education to support faith community nurses to enhance the development and sustainability of faith community nursing practice.
    • Executive Committee – The four officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer) of the Board of Directors comprise this committee, which will conduct the business of the organization between Board of Directors’ meetings.
    • Finance Committee – The Finance Committee is responsible for supporting FCNI by providing financial oversight for the organization. This includes development of a budget, financial planning, financial reporting, and the creation and monitoring of internal controls and accountability policies according to the FCNI bylaws and sound financial practices.
    • Fund Raising Committee - The Fund Raising Committee is responsible for supporting FCNI by overseeing and actualizing plans consistent with the FCNI strategic plan for fundraising opportunities, securing grants, and recognizing donors.
    • Governance Committee – The Governance Committee is responsible for supporting FCNI in the management of the internal actions and functions of the Board of Directors and the organization.
    • Journal and Publication Committee - The FCNI Journal and Publications Committee is responsible for supporting FCNI by serving as the Editorial  Board of the International Journal of Faith Community Nursing (IJFCN) and evaluating the editorial quality and content of the FCNI publication program, including the system of primary publications for the IJFCN, and reporting its findings to the Board of Directors. The Journal Publications Committee works in collaboration with the Western Kentucky University in the publication of the International Journal of Faith Community Nursing.  The link to the journal is  
    • Leadership Succession Committee – The FCNI Leadership Succession Committee is responsible for supporting FCNI by preparing an annual ballot reflective of the diversity in membership to fill Board positions and developing members for organizational leadership roles.
    • Membership, Marketing, and Outreach Committee – The Membership, Marketing, and Outreach Committee is responsible for supporting FCNI by collaborating with committees and special interest groups. The committee identifies the needs, challenges, and key strategies of faith community nurses in order to provide insight on membership recruitment, engagement, and retention. The committee is responsible for supporting FCNI by identifying marketing strategies to engage and promote FCNI to members, non-members, and the public.
    • Practice Committee –  The FCNI Practice Committee is responsible for supporting FCNI by providing a focus to identify, apply, and engage in Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) to sustain FCNs in frontline practice. The Practice Committee functions in alignment with the Research Committee to support the development and sustainability of FCNs in practice settings and the establishment of outcome metrics. ​
    • Research Committee –  The FCNI Research Committee is responsible for supporting FCNI by promoting, supporting, conducting, and reporting faith community nursing research. The strategic focus on research is intended to improve the quality of the FCN practice and inform the profession.
    • Spiritual Resource Development Committee - The Resource Committee is responsible for supporting FCNI by supporting faith community nurses in practice, with a focus on identifying, developing, securing, and disseminating resources that will assist those interested in faith community nursing. The strategic focus on resources is intended to support the development and sustainability of the faith community nursing in practice settings and advance the understanding of faith community nursing for the public.
    • Technology Committee  – The Technology Committee is responsible for supporting FCNI by maintaining the electronic platforms for FCNI and supporting the dissemination of information pertinent to FCNs in practice. The committee focuses on identifying, applying, and engaging audiences interested in learning more and advancing this specialty nursing practice. The Technology Committee functions as a committee of the board of FCNI. This committee supports the mission and vision of FCNI.

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