Job Description

There are a variety of job descriptions for the position of faith community nurse. The format utilized should be consistent with the faith community’s practices. The following items should be included:

  • Position Title
  • Department
  • General Description: The information should include references to utilizing spiritual care while identifying the health needs of the church, providing health promotion and education, supervising  volunteers in health related activities, offering patient advocacy, and collaboration with ministerial staff and community agencies.
  • Minimum Qualifications: The information should include current Registered Professional Nurse licensure, current CPR certification, bachelor of science in nursing preferred, completion of Foundations of Faith Community Nursing course as specified in Faith Community Nursing:  Scope and Standards of Practice,  an understanding of the faith community’s mission and theological foundation, skill in assessing health related needs of the faith community, and the ability to understand and communicate the interrelatedness of body, mind and spirit to health and wellness.
  • Job Relationships: Who does the FCN report to? Is supervision of staff required? Are there other relationships required in the faith community?
  • Working Conditions: This would be site specific.
  • Physical Demands: This would be site specific.
  • Principal Duties and Responsibilities: This should include specific duties that the faith community expects from the FCN. Also there should be some reference to the FCN’s actions to remain current in the specialty practice.
  • Review Criteria: Performance review should be specified in this document. The review process should be outlined, i.e. Health Ministry Committee? Another FCN?

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