To reach our vision to become “A Vibrant Network of Faith Community Nurses,” we need your help and membership in FCNI. 
The rapid growth of the FCN specialty requires the need for additional avenues to:

  • Pray for one another.
  • Champion and promote FCN practice.
  • Provide opportunities for spiritual growth.
  • Increase the quantity and quality of related research.
  • Enhance communication and networking opportunities worldwide.
  • Build and expand the practice.
  • Provide national professional advocacy.
  • Identify and develop FCN leaders.
  • Recognize the diversity of health needs around the world.
  • Promote financial sustainable in our practice.
  • Influence policy nationally and internationally.
  • Build partnership to improve the health of the populations we serve.

FCNI Mission: To advance the specialty practice of faith community nursing through professional education, competency development, research, and evidence-based practice.

FCNI Vision: FCNI strives to be a vibrant global network of Faith Community Nurses, empowering and supporting our members as they provide care of the mind, body, and spirit in diverse settings.
The Purposes of FCNI are to:

  • Advance Faith Community Nursing as a nursing specialty.
  • Connect Faith Community Nurses (FCNs) worldwide.
  • Promote financial sustainability of the specialty.
  • Support research in Faith Community Nursing.
  • Provide continuing education programs for FCNs.
  • Advocate for FCNs locally, nationally, and internationally.

The Benefits of Faith Community Nurses International Membership include:

  • Distance formatting with meetings to serve all FCNs globally (Internet-based)
  • Annual General Membership Meetings (Internet-based)
  • Education programs (Internet-based)
  • International Journal of Faith Community Nurses (IJFCN) (Internet-based)
  • Networking
  • Committee involvement opportunities (Internet-based)
  • Research Zoom Hour (Internet-based)
  • FCNI Website with “Members Only” Resources
  • A Practice Toolkit for your FCN ministry
  • Access to a Faith Community Nursing Literature Reference List

Faith Community Nurses International (FCNI) was created in 2013.  Please consider how you can share your gifts and gain new skills and information by joining FCNI, becoming active on one of our committees, and helping us grow. 
Read the IJFCN at https://digitalcommons.wku.edu/ijfcn/
Join us on our website at https://www.fcninternational.org/
Like us on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/FaithCommunityNursesInternational/
email us at contact@fcninternational.org

Membership Committee

The Membership, Marketing, and Outreach Committee is responsible for supporting FCNI by collaborating with committees and special interest groups and identifying marketing strategies to engage and promote FCNI to members, non-members, and the public. The committee identifies the challenges and needs of the members, providing key strategies for Faith Community Nurses in order to promote membership, engagement,  recruitment, and retention of FCNI members.  


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