One definition of nursing research found in Nursing and Nursing Education: Public Policies and Private Actions published by the National Academies Press (1983) is:

"Nursing research develops knowledge about health and the promotion of health over the full lifespan, care of persons with health problems and disabilities, and nursing actions to enhance the ability of individuals to respond effectively to actual or potential health problems."


Research Committee

The FCNI Research Committee is responsible for supporting FCNI by promoting, supporting, conducting, and reporting faith community nursing research. The strategic focus on research is intended to improve the quality of the FCN practice and inform the profession.

A Definition of Nursing Research

Publishing Resources

Research Compendium

Deborah Ziebarth, PhD, MSN, RN-BC Faith Community Nurse, FCNI member, and prior FCNI Chair of the Research Committee created and maintains this extensive list of Faith Community Nurse Research References. She provides it to all of us to enhance knowledge and promote further research to support our specialty practice. 

Thank You, Dr. Ziebarth!

Quarterly Scholarly Article Discussion Hour

The most recent event was:

Loneliness in Homebound Older Adults: Integrative Literature Review
Discussion was presented and facilitated by Dr. Francesca C. Ezeokonkwo, PhD, RN

Article can be purchased at:


PowerPoint Presentation link is:


Previous Quarterly Scholarly Article Discussion Hour presentations are available on the Members Only site.


Institute of Medicine. (1983). Nursing and Nursing Education: Public policies and private actions. Institute of Medicine Division of Health Care Services. Washington, DC. National Academies Press. Retrieved April 19, 2023 from https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK218540/

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