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Upcoming events

Past events

06/23/2022 Continuing Education: Resources for Seniors
06/22/2022 Scholarly Article Discussion Hour
06/15/2022 Research Discussion COVID and FCN
06/02/2022 Practice Committee Meeting
01/29/2022 Disaster Management for Faith Community Nurses
11/04/2021 Coping with Grief in the Face of the Pandemic and Pending Holidays followed by the FCNI 2021 Annual Meeting
10/25/2021 Nursing Spiritual Gifts
09/20/2021 Initiating, Developing, and Sustaining a Faith Community Nurse Practice
07/29/2021 Mental Health: Assessment, Resources and Referral
07/09/2021 Technology Committee Meeting
06/22/2021 TIOS + Faith Community Nurses Vaccine Messaging & Activation Training for faith community nurses
05/21/2021 FCNI Board Meeting
05/20/2021 Membership Committee Meeting
05/10/2021 Journal and Publication Committee Meeting
05/07/2021 Marketing Committee
04/22/2021 Membership Committee
04/22/2021 Education Committee Meeting
04/08/2021 Resource Committee Meeting
04/07/2021 Executive Committee Meeting
04/02/2021 Research Committee Meeting
04/02/2021 Practice Committee Meeting
03/25/2021 Advance Care Planning for Faith Communities: A Quality Improvement Project
03/15/2021 Spring Spiritual Celebration Series
01/28/2021 Stand Firm: Teaching Faith Community Nurses to Screen, Assess, and Intervene for Fall Risk in Older Adults
12/17/2020 Telehealth for Faith Community Nurses and FCNI Annual Meeting
11/30/2020 Preparing the Way for the Lord: Engage, Reflect, and Respond
08/06/2020 Prayer in the Context of COVID-19: Implications for Faith Community Nurses
05/08/2020 Technology Committee Meeting
05/08/2020 Research and Practice Committee Meeting
01/30/2020 A Practice Model Supportive of Diverse Populations in Faith Community Nursing
10/24/2019 FCNI Annual General Meeting
10/24/2019 Case Management for Faith Community Nurses
08/29/2019 Ministry of Compassionate Care for Faith Community Nurses: Comfort and Support for the End of Life
07/31/2019 Annual General Meeting
04/08/2019 FCNI Research Forum
04/01/2019 Spring Gala
10/22/2018 2018 General Membership Meeting
10/22/2018 Health Literacy Basics for the Faith Community Nurse
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