Spiritual Resource Development Committee 

Spiritual Resource Development Committee - The Spiritual Resource Committee is responsible for supporting FCNI by supporting faith community nurses in practice, with a focus on identifying, developing, securing and disseminating resources that will assist those interested in faith community nursing. The strategic focus on resources is intended to support the development and sustainability of the faith community nursing in practice settings and advance the understanding of faith community nursing for the public.

Resource Development Committee Charter

prayer book

The Prayer Book

Welcome to the FCNI digital prayer book. It was created for and by faith community nurses so that you can upload prayers for those you service and to encourage patients, family, and fellow nurses as we practice.

We encourage you to prayerfully consider the messages within your heart to share with your fellow nurses. Please submit your original prayers to be an encouragement and support for other nurses. The release form is at the link below.

It is our prayer that you use this tool to ask God to open your hearts to giving, forgiving and receive all that He has for you and those you minister to.

Please fill out the form and write your prayer. It will be read by others in an effort to provide strength and support. God's best to each and every one of you.

Required Release Form

Please submit your release form to our email address:


In His Presence,

The Spiritual Resource and Development team of FCNI

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