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Osteoporosis is a loss of bone density that can occur as people age. It is responsible for over a million broken bones each year, and is a major cause of fractures, back pain, spinal problems and loss of independence. Ten million Americans are living with osteoporosis today, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that by the year 2020 one in two Americans over age 50 will be at risk for fractures from osteoporosis. With the aging of the baby boomers, awareness of the disease becomes ever more important.

Risk Factors:

Increasing age:  Affects 54 million adults 50+ ; over 16% over 65 but for women it is 25%; Adults 80+ 25% have it but women it is 35%

79% higher fracture rate for women

90% w/hip fractures hospitalized

30% w/hip fractures die w/in year

19% of all developed pressure sores

15% suffer one or more additional/ bone breaks

We start by knowing who is at greatest risk.

References:  National Osteoporosis Foundation

NIH Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases National Resource Center ( )

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The National Osteoporosis Foundation provides extensive information about the risk factors, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the disease, as well as local community groups for awareness and support. The Foundation also offers free online support groups to help people connect with others who have the disease, and the Generations of Strength Mother and Daughters Campaign.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, authors of the study mentioned above, features patient information on their consumer information website.

The National Institutes of Health's 
Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases National Resource Center brings together a wide variety of consumer information, including the Check Up On Your Bones interactive quiz to help you determine your risk.

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